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Over the last two years, we have observed increased demand for safety and hygiene wherever we go and whatever we do. 
We all have been challenged to follow the strict rules and keep our premises clean in order to remove airborne pathogens and germs from surfaces, and from the air. 
LumeeLamps have been cleverly designed to help you meet the challenge and 
disinfect and purify all spaces around you.


Scientifically proven to disinfect indoor air and and remove 99,9% of viruses in aerosoles and air passing through the lamp once. Also removes mold, bacteria and germs in combination with an activated carbon filter.
Not only indoor air but also surfaces that are reached by UVC light can be thoroughly disinfected.



LumeeLamps TripleForce RX and RX100 are all-in-one solution for comprehensive disinfection and purification. They are made of out of stainless steel with UVC repellent powder coating resistant to UV-C radiation, which ensures safety of use.

The lamps use nano-technology ‒ the combination of UV-C radiation with unique Lumee Photocatalytic Ionization LPI, which is the most effective of all known methods of fighting viruses and bacteria. Additionally, it cleans the air of allergens, fine dust particles (SMOG) and toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The lamps are safe, stylish and unique. They have been designed to use an intuitive LumeeLamps application that allows for remotely controlled work, program time and monitor the consumption of the UV-C radiation.


Lumeelamps can operate in two modes:

Close mode
Operates with closed chamber.
Frees air and aerosols from viruses, germs bacteria and other contaminants while people can be present in the room.

People Working in Open Office
Family Preparing Dinner
getting mani
Yearly Checkup

Open mode

Operates with opened chamber.

Disinfection of whole rooms, objects and surfaces in the absence of humans and animals.

UVC light is invisible to the human eye, but can still be harmful. Hence, use the app to use your Lumeelamp in open mode while nobody is present in the room.

Empty Kitchen

air exposed to UVC

air sucked through openings

air passes through charcoal filter

disinfected air emanates from top


UVC radiation is harmful to humans and animals. In order to use the LumeeLamps safely, read carefully the INSTRUCTIONS OF USE:
LumeeLamp RX and LumeeLamp RX100

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